Walter the Weekend Wasp Warrior

Well actually I think the wasps are hornets, and I knocked down the hive this morning, but I’ve always liked alliteration, don’t you?

We first noticed the hive up under the eave on Saturday when we were sitting on the deck with the Freidenfelts. Fortunately the hornets were not aggressive, or maybe Baby Elina charmed them like she charms everyone else.

P1040557Here’s the hive. Kinda pretty, isn’t it?

P1040560Nice place, too bad I had to wreck it! I gave it a couple of doses of Raid early yesterday morning when most of the critters were in bed, and then I knocked the hive down this morning.

P1040565I guess I’d never seen the inside of a hive before. What are those white things? Hornet eggs? Hornet honey?

In the internet age I could look it up and have the answer in seconds, but maybe this time I’ll just let the mystery be.

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