We won! We won!

Well actually 2nd place, but that’s close enough, right!? All those years of experience and training finally paid off in the 3rd race of the Downtown Sailing Series. Light and variable winds caused havoc throughout the race, but making a plan and sticking to it was the key to success. Our plan was to finish, not to lose anyone overboard, and not dent any fiberglass. We were successful on all counts.

The race starts from the Elliot Bay Marina breakwater and heads east toward the grain elevators. Then it’s a turn to starboard (right to you landlubbers) toward the new Ferris wheel downtown. Then another starboard turn to the west, past the marina, a U-turn (I don’t know the nautical term) and back to the start line. There were probably 100 boats out there, but we prevailed!

Here’s the loot for the we went home with. There were a couple more T-shirts, but I gave them to my faithful crew. And that suitable-for-framing 2nd place certificate? It’s also a certificate for a full engine and fuel service, which on Rinpoche is worth about $900. Cool!

P1040566Thanks to my crew of Hal, Rainer, Joe, Lano and that old sea dog, Farley.

Oh, did I mention they drew the winners out of a hat at the end of the race?

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1 Response to We won! We won!

  1. captnmike says:

    I was wondering when you would own up to the out of the hat part 🙂 – but good on you for getting out on the water. I was helping to teach a crew class last night.

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