We’ve spent the last couple of nights on a mooring ball at Rosario on Orcas Island. This is an historic estate built by Robert Moran, an industrialist and former Seattle mayor. In 1906 he was told he had a year to live, so he retired to Orcas Island and built a fabulous estate, which later became a resort and state park. Retirement suited him well – he died in 1943.

P1040644This estate is not on a San Simeon scale, but it’s still pretty grand. I guess Moran was really only a middle-class tycoon. He certainly added some nice touches like two bowling lanes and a billiard room, but the real extravagances were the pipe organ room and the indoor pool.


P1040639By paying $25/night for a mooring ball, we had access to the resort and its outdoor pool. What a lovely way to soak up some sun!

P1040641Right now, we’re still on the mooring ball waiting for the 20 knot winds to die down to something more reasonable so we can head over to Roche Harbor. I’ll keep you posted.

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