Oak Bay

We left Roche Harbor this morning for Oak Bay. It was an uneventful run in 10-15 knots of wind and moderate seas. The Oak Bay Marina is a bit tricky to get into. The rocks and hazards are well marked, but you do have to pay attention. The marina is an old one with extremely narrow fairways, but we made it in OK. Getting out might be a different matter, depending on the wind.

Oak Bay is an easy bus ride away from Victoria, which is where we spent the day. Victoria’s hopping these days, with an international buskers festival and a hot rod convention, just to name two of the big activities. The weather was great, and the streets were packed. We had a drink at the Empress, and then wandered around and watched various street performers. A good time was had by all.

P1040654Tomorrow we’ll visit the Provincial Museum and take in more of whatever action we run into.

And a couple more thoughts about our stay at Roche Harbor. For the most part, anchoring was good – the anchor held, and the price (free) was right. But sometimes with all the seaplane traffic, it felt like we were parked on a runway. But even with the noise, it was pretty cool to have planes land and take off just a few yards away from us. Here’s a common view from our window.

P1040653And then there were all the memories of Waveguide. We saw at least three San Juan 38’s while we were there, and had a good chat with the owner of one of them.

P1040648Gosh, they’re beautiful boats!


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