We made it back!

In spite of Murphy’s best efforts, we made it back to Seattle safe and sound. The last week or so was fairly uneventful. We spent four days in Ganges, a lovely town on Salt Spring Island. Then we went on to Friday Harbor, Port Ludlow, and then home.

Murphy wasn’t totally done with us, however. In Ganges, the “up” on the anchor windlass quit working, and rather than giving myself a major workout every time we left an anchorage, I had it fixed. Less than a boat buck later, it was done. In Port Ludlow, Murphy, having tired of screwing with Rinpoche, started messing with other things. Our faithful Dell net book, the one that survived Darjeeling, died! Regular PC users may recognize the screen.

P1040680The poor laptop ran for days with this screen before I finally gave up.

All-in-all, the trip was a good one, and a good shakedown cruise. I became far more familiar with some of the boat systems than I had anticipated, but that can be seen as a good thing. We had fabulous weather, with no rain at all. In spite of her experiences on our initial crossing of the Strait, Megan had a good time as well. We had some good meals, and we had some fabulous views.

P1040671And in spite of all the hassles, Walter’s Book Club stayed on track. I finished 1913, a good non-fiction book about the world before WWI. I read A Sense of an Ending, a kind of odd but still engrossing British psychodrama, and Started Early, Took My Dog, a very good British detective novel.

With this experience under our belts, we’ll do it again, and get even further afield next time.

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