Obamacare gets personal

I have not been a huge fan of Obamacare, thinking that it was a sellout to the insurance companies and the medical-industrial establishment. But I’ve also felt that, flawed as it is, the plan is better than the status quo. Much to the chagrin of teahadist haters of all things Obama, the insurance exchange rates announced in California and New York looked pretty good, but I’d have to wait until Washington State released their rates to  know how it would affect Megan and me.

Well, that wait is over. Washington State today released the health insurance rates that will be available through the Washington Health Benefit Exchange. Using their calculator, the family rate for Megan and me is $276/month for the Silver Plan.

Currently we are paying a total of $563/month for individual catastrophic plans with Group Health (for me) and Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield (for Megan).

So in the final analysis, if that analysis is correct and I haven’t missed something in the fine print, our health insurance costs will be cut in half, and will include far better coverage.

That sounds like a pretty good deal to me!

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