14th Annual EFMF

Here I am in Edmonton, having once again driven my faithful BMW 1000+ miles in order to attend the Edmonton Folk Music Festival. For the most part, the drive was good – hot and dry for the first couple of day; wet and cold once I got to Alberta (what else is new?). I did not make the trip totally unscathed. A couple of nasty no-see-ums or black flies managed to get inside one of my gloves. This is the result:

P1040684The little bastard bit me on the wrist, and my hand swelled up from my knuckles to my elbow. Oh well, I’ve survived worse.

Thursday evenings are EFMF lite. Only a few artists appear on the main stage, and there are no sessions at the smaller stages. Last night, Delhi 2 Dublin opened with an interesting mix of Celtic and Indian music. Next up was Ruthie Foster, one of my favorite singers from Austin, Tx. What a voice she has!

P1040686Then Charles Bradley, an old singer from the 60’s who sounds a lot like Otis Redding. And then Feist, a singer from Alberta who hit the semi big time with a song in an Ipad commercial. I was scorned out for never having heard of her, but based on her performance, she will continue to live in obscurity in my mind. All-in-all, not a bad evening. Here’s a shot of Tom and Dev:

P1040689As usual, the views from the Hill are great!



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