First fire, continued

The keyboard on the phone is so small that it’s really quite annoying to type anything more than a quick text or email, so here I am back on my Chromebook. In spite of its keyboard limitations, I do like the phone, and am just now starting to scratch the surface of its capabilities. I discovered today that I can unlock the phone with facial recognition! The iPhone has its fingerprint recognition, and probably has facial recognition too, but this is pretty cool in any case. To unlock the phone, I touch the power switch, the phone goes into the camera mode, I look into the camera, and it recognizes me and lets me in! Kids these days are probably immune to technological amazement, but I’m old enough to be gobsmacked by it all.

I brewed a batch of Racer 5 IPA clone a couple of weeks ago, and was a bit concerned that the fermentation didn’t take off like it normally does. But my worries were needless because the wort fermented down to 1.008, which for this beer is very good. But better yet, a taste of the uncarbonated beer was pretty good. I’ll keg it next week, and if things continue on this track, I’ll have a good batch of beer for Leavenworth Oktoberfest.

Since Megan caught a plane to China today, and will be gone for over a month, I’ll be batching it. To avoid just pining away for her, I’ve lined up a pretty busy month. Lots of cabin time and sailing time. I’ll keep you posted.

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