I’m an idiot

Or looking through rose-colored glasses or something. I was poking around on the Washington Health Benefit Exchange today trying unsuccessfully to complete my application. Before I realized the site was down, I had dug out all the information I needed to complete the forms. As it turned out, I had grossly underestimated my Adjusted Gross Income, so we will not be eligible for subsidies. Then I looked at my correspondence from Group Health, and I realized I read the rates for a spouse incorrectly. (This is where my head was really up an anatomically difficult place to put it.) They gave me a zero rate for a spouse because as far as they’re concerned I don’t have a spouse. Duh!

So it looks like our cost for healthcare insurance will indeed go up and we will not qualify for subsidies. Because I can’t complete my application, I can’t get into the exchange to shop for policies, so I don’t know how much.

How much were those penalties for not having insurance?

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1 Response to I’m an idiot

  1. Brad says:

    exactly —- just pay the penalty. Damn, I thought you knew something I didn’t. Shall we all move to Canada now?

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