More adventures in Obamacare

The site will still not let me in to complete my application because I keep getting an error message whenever I complete a page and hit next. The error page told me to call for assistance, so I did, and after navigating through the usual maze of automated questions and push-button answers, the automated voice told me that “call traffic is higher than usual” and then “your estimated wait time is 82 minutes.” But then an option came up for a call back, so rather than sitting on hold, I’ll wait for them to call me back. And write a blog post in the meantime.

The site did let me in far enough to shop around a bit and see the various plans. If I stay with Group Health and put Megan on the plan, the combined premium will be $838.42, an increase of 48.9% over our current premiums. I couldn’t find a Regence Blue Shield plan on the website, but all the Blue Cross plans were higher cost (around $50 more) than the Group Health plan.

So it looks like our premiums will go up by 50% for marginally better coverage than what we now have. The main savings are in lower deductibles, lower co-pays, and 50% drug costs. (And don’t forget the maternity and newborn coverage!) But since Megan and I are both relatively healthy and low users of medical services, we will likely not see any bang for the extra bucks we’ll be paying.

That’s too bad, and it’s disappointing. I had thought that will all the new healthy young adults in the system, costs for an old fart like me would go down. Transfer of wealth from the younger generation to the older generation and all that. I looked at what a 30-year-old male making $40,000 per year would pay, and there were several options at less than $200/month. That sounds like a pretty good deal to me.

Oh well. To hell with it all. Where’s my Tea Party hat? Let’s shut down the government!

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1 Response to More adventures in Obamacare

  1. Janet St Clair says:

    My advice, and we are an assister organization, is to give it a few weeks. The site and call center are overwhelmed. You have until 12/21 to apply for coverage starting Jan 1st. Note that Centene came in 13% below other plans in the Exchange so check out their products. If you think you are truly in a healthy consumer pool, consider the bronze plan but at our age, I’m not sure I recommend it.

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