Oktoberfest at the CITW

In spite of the government shutdown and the impending debt default, we ignored it all and had a good weekend at the cabin. Tricia and Kyle, Caroline and Alex and Elina, and Blitz, Sandy, and Farley all enjoyed a weekend of food and drink (a keg of homebrew that wasn’t outstanding but was quite drinkable).P1040836Elina is her usual happy self. I don’t think I’ve heard her cry more than once or twice since I’ve known her. And she’s starting to crawl! Or at least she’s pulling herself around on her belly with her arms.

P1040832It was a Three Dog (Two) Night(s) at the cabin. Blitz, a giant but good-natured German shepherd joined in the festivities with Sandy and Farley.


P1040831Here are the Oktoberfesters in their full regalia before heading to Leavenworth. Nice cleavage, Alex!

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