Is there land between Point Roberts and Port Townsend?

If there is, I didn’t see any. Another pea souper day. In fact it was probably worse than yesterday in terms of visibility. It was a bit sketchy at times going through Rosario Straits. There’s lots of traffic from ferries and fishermen, and it was a bit nerve wracking to keep track of it all. There’s nothing like a ferry 100 yards behind you (that you can’t see, except on the radar) blowing its fog horn. I had been watching the big blob on radar for a while and knew that whatever it was would pass behind me, but the blast at close range was more than a bit startling. And Farley slept through it all.

Spending a lot of time peering at the charts and radar sometimes turn up interesting things. The magenta blotches are the radar images. The boat is the thing near the bottom of the screen with all the lines coming out of it. Note what’s just ahead of the boat and to the left.

P1040883Small arms safety zone? WTF??

I was so looking forward to tying up at the dock at Flagler State Park. I’ve stayed there several times, including on the way up on this trip. Imagine my disappointment when I navigated the tricky channels to get in, and THE DOCK WAS GONE!! I guess the parks people take them down for the winter. So I grabbed a mooring buoy they hadn’t taken away, and Farley and I took the dinghy into shore and are settling in for the night back on the boat.

BTW, if you ever want to see pure joy in a living being, let a dog run free after being on a boat for 10 hours. Farley must have run at top speed for 20 miles! I’m sure he’ll sleep well tonight.


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1 Response to Is there land between Point Roberts and Port Townsend?

  1. captnmike says:

    Not the NRA – I think this is the right point

    From Point Partridge the NW coast of Whidbey Island
    extends NNE for 11.5 miles to Deception Pass. It is
    free of offlying dangers, but should not be approached
    closer than 1 mile.
    (171) A Small Arms Safety Zone operated by Naval Air
    Station Whidbey Island, is located about 5 miles NNE
    of Point Partridge. The zone is in operation 7 days a
    week; red flashing lights and flags are displayed during
    live exercises. Mariners should exercise extreme caution
    when transiting the area.

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