Canada’s in the news, and other miscellaneous ramblings

I can’t remember the last time that Canada was in the news as much as it’s been lately with Rob Ford, the gift to comedians that keeps on giving.

But wait! There’s more!

Usually Canadian news in the USA is about tar sands, igloos or dogsleds. None of that in any of this news that I can see.

Meanwhile back here at the cabin, there’s snow, but not enough for dogsleds or snowmobiles yet.

P1040894In other news, there’s no change with the Washington State Healthcare Exchange. I tried a couple of times to complete my application, but kept getting the same error messages. I even tried deleting Megan entirely from the application and re-entering her data, but that didn’t work either. And their help lines are no help. After getting through all the push button phone menus, you get a message saying that call volume is higher than normal, so try again later.

I hadn’t brewed any beer for a while, so I put up a batch of Black Butte Porter. The last time I made it, it was delicious, so I’m hoping to replicate that success. In the meantime, I finished off my last batch of beer – a Racer 5 IPA clone. With that batch I got carried away with sparging and ended up with 8 gallons in the Fermenator rather than the 6-1/2 I had hoped for. The end result was that both the alcohol content and hoppiness were diluted, but it was a quite drinkable brew nonetheless. Maybe I should call it a session IPA.

P1040892 In Walter’s Book Club news, I finished another three books in the last month or so, pushing my total for the year to 18, well ahead of my minimum pledge of a book a month. And with our inaugural meeting this coming Wednesday, I’m actually going to be part of a real book club. Book clubs generally are a woman’s thing, but this book club will be for men only. We likely won’t have fancy little sandwiches and stinky cheese and crackers, but we will have beer and wine, some good camaraderie, good discussions, and quite possibly the occasional belch.

And in the best news of all, Megan is finally back from her five-week adventure in China, and after a week home, her jet-lag is mostly gone.

Life is good.

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