Good news, bad news, and Spam

I finally managed to get registered with the Washington State Health Benefit Exchange, but no, I didn’t do it on my own. After some frustrating calls, I actually got through to a warm live body and the call didn’t go dead after two minutes like the one other time that I managed to get through. This person was a bit annoying, but nonetheless helpful. He got me and Megan both registered on the site, so now we can even buy insurance through the exchange! He also did a subsidy eligibility calculation, saying that given our income, we qualify for a $627/month subsidy! He didn’t believe, and neither do I, but I even received an email confirming it.

In the midst of all this, Obama announced that those who had decent plans could keep them. I figured, cool! We’ll just keep what we have for another year and wait for the exchange to sort itself out. It wasn’t long before the Washington State insurance commissioner announced that he would not allow that to happen. Oh well, it’ll be back to the exchange for us. Or maybe we’ll just buy insurance on the open market and sort out any subsidy at tax time. We still have another month and a half to figure things out.

In other news, I sampled some exotic food that Megan brought back from China especially for me.

P1040895How many of you Spam aficionados out there (and I know you’re out there) have had Chinese Spam? Fried up with some hash browns, I gotta say it was a pretty reasonable imitation of the real stuff.

P1040896Then last night I fried up some chicken in the ghee (supposedly clarified butter, but this Chinese imitation was pure hydrogenated vegetable oil) that Megan brought back with her. The chicken was quite tasty, but if we keep eating this way we may need healthcare sooner than we think.

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1 Response to Good news, bad news, and Spam

  1. Brad says:

    Aye, Sir Spam a Lot. Glad you’re plying the uncharted waters of Obamacare. Will I be able to apply my subsidy even if I take standard deductions and not itemize?

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