A New Tradition – Thanksgiving Day +1

As is common with extended and blended families, it’s always a bit of a hassle getting everyone together on big holidays. All of the in-laws and out-laws have to be appeased, and it’s not easy to sync everyone’s calendars. This year, we invited everyone over for Thanksgiving, but alas, no one could make it due to other commitments. But since we were everyone’s second choice, everyone could make it on Friday. A new tradition has been born! Now and forever in perpetuity, the Friesen-Bond household has dibs on Thanksgiving Friday. Maybe we could call it Boxgiving Day or something.

But there were a few logistical problems. How do we seat ten guests for dinner at the same table in our modest (small) Fremont condo? Logistics are no match for Friesen ingenuity.

tableb4A table like this is no match for $35 worth of plywood and screws.

thankstable13Quite serviceable, if I do say so myself.

mexthanksAnd rather elegant too, after input from the feminine half of the Friesen-Bond team.

What no turkey? We figured that everyone would be turkeyed-out, so we opted for Mexican food. Tamales, enchiladas, refried beans, Mexican rice, shredded beef and other odds and ends, all made from scratch. So this could become part of the Boxgiving Day tradition – food from around the world. How about Thai next year?

thanks13But whatever the day, whatever the food, the most important thing is good times with the family.

Ps. Sorry for the crappy quality of the group shot, but you get the idea. And yes, Alex is there in spite of the poor framing. Elina is sitting on him.

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1 Response to A New Tradition – Thanksgiving Day +1

  1. shaun corry says:

    Looks big enough for a bookclub christmas bash,

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