Winter has arrived at the CITW

It looks like winter has finally come to the cabin. Yesterday and last night several inches of wet slushy snow fell, but the temperature is dropping and more snow is in the forecast.

P1040905We come here year round, but the cabin is more of a winter place than a summer place. Besides, what’s more beautiful than Seattle in the summer?

But I didn’t come here just to admire the snow. I had work to do.

P1040906Cleaning bottles is the worst part of the home brew process, but it’s worth it.

P1040907Here’s the end result – 28 half-liter bottles and 5 half-gallon growlers filled with the Brewhaus Ale I put up a week ago. I hit all the numbers and didn’t have any issues at all, so I think this will be a good batch of an American Pale Ale. Along with the Black Butte Porter clone that I kegged last week (which I am now sipping), we should have over five gallons of home brew here for the holiday season. 

With all the snow here, I couldn’t resist firing up the sleds and getting them ready for the winter.

P1040908 These things never cease to amaze me. And yes they’re noisy and stinky and make my liberal heart bleed, but once you’re on them, your only thoughts are fun thoughts. With 600cc 2-stroke fuel injected engines, they put out 125hp each and are capable of over 100mph (I chicken out at around 80), but what I also like is the no-hassle factor. They hadn’t run since last March, and both of them fired up like they’d been running five minutes ago.

I’m looking forward to a better sledding season this year than last. Last year we had a zillion feet of snow in a couple of weeks, but it warmed up so quickly the season was over by early February. Here’s hoping.

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