Happy New Year from Munich!

We made it to Munich yesterday morning, and are still getting ourselves oriented. We crashed early yesterday and had a fitful night’s sleep, but we’re hanging in there today. I think the worst of the jet-lag is behind us. I don’t have any blog-worthy pictures yet, but stay tuned. I guarantee there will be some coming.

I meant to do a wrap-up of 2013, but never got around to it. I will eventually, but in the meantime, the big news is that we bought a house! We close on Jan 27, and will take a good chunk of February to move in. We’ll have some financial machinations to take care of while we’re in Europe, but with the wonders of the internet, we should be able to do everything from afar. The other semi-big news is that I actually kept one of my rare New Year’s resolutions. You may recall that last year I resolved to read two books a month, or at least one. Well, my final tally is 22! I count that as a successful resolution.

So far, I’m pretty impressed with Munich. We have a rental car, and we’re getting around pretty well. We’re staying in an Ibis hotel, which is kinda like the European version of the Holiday Inn Express. We’re in the north end of Munich, but only 10 minutes from the city center. We’ve rented a Hyundai diesel wagon, which will forever change whatever preconceptions you have about Hyundais or diesels. It’s a great car so far. Today we visited the Jewish museum, which was both interesting and odd. The history of Jews here is more one of exclusion than anything else. Unlike Vienna, there isn’t much of a history here of a large Jewish minority. But like Vienna, people say “Gruss Gott” when you meet them or enter a business.

This afternoon Megan took off with the car on a personal/professional mission, and I explored the area around the hotel on foot. The hotel is in a business/residential area without a whole lot of restaurants and bars, but I did manage to find one a few blocks off the main drag. There were only a half-dozen patrons in the bar, mostly 60ish like me. Their English was crappier than my German, but I managed to successfully to ask, in German, for permission to smoke a cigar, and had a couple of beer to go along with it. The beer and cigar were accompanied by classic 60’s rock (English only) on the bar’s sound system. It got me wondering what my fellow patrons were like 40 years ago.

Tomorrow, we’ll probably head to Dachau. That will likely be the last of our WWII/Jewish/Nazi tours. There are lots of other sights to see and things to do here. I’ll keep you posted.

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5 Responses to Happy New Year from Munich!

  1. Gloria myers says:

    I look forward to following you via these posts. Always wanted to explore Germany and Ukraine (home to half my ancestors).

  2. Brad says:

    will you get to the Eagle’s Nest? That’s WWII history, as well.

  3. Ilse Holling says:

    I bet your fellow patrons in that bar were pretty much like YOU 40 years ago – at least I hope so. Hope you are enjoying Schnitzels und Bier und Wein und ein wenig Kultur in Bavaria.

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