Our last night in Europe

I had meant to do more blog posts on this trip, but for whatever reason, I didn’t get around to it. So here I am at the end of our trip, with a few closing thoughts. After Vienna, we went to Salzburg for a couple of nights, to Reutte as a jumping off point for the Neuschwanstein Castle, and then back to Munich where this trip started just over three weeks ago. We saw a lot of country I’d never seen before. I had never been to Leichtenstein, Switzerland or Italy (not counting a drive-through of Trieste 10 years ago on the way to Slovenia) before. I had never been to Europe before in the dead of winter. Even though I’m not sure the weather we had counts as winter. Never once did we drive on snow or ice, and never once did I bring out the winter clothes I’d packed. The ski resorts have to be hurting, and I imagine those areas dependent on glacial runoff for water will also be in bad shape. Most of the weather we had was spring-like, and most of the areas we drove through were almost eerily green.

P1050240Here are some hardy pansies or petunias or something trying to bloom in Salzburg when there should be snow on the ground.

While in Salzburg, we did the inevitable Sound of Music bus tour. It was a good way to spend a half day, touring Salzburg and the surrounding area visiting all the places where the movie was shot. Here’s Megan doing her best Julie Andrews imitation. And in spite of what Hunter thinks, Megan has a pretty good voice!


One of the memorable things about this trip has been the food, especially the German food. Those guys sure know how to serve up dead pig. If you think pork spareribs are more American than German, stop by at the microbrewery by the Belvedere in Vienna and have a rack. I’ll bet you change your mind.

P1050175Schweinshaxe is a very German dish, and I’ve never seen an American equivalent. If I can find a butcher to supply me with fresh pork hocks, this will become one of my standards.

schweinehaxenWith mashed potatoes and gravy (and don’t forget the beer!), this meal is hard to beat.

We went to the BMW museum here in Munich yesterday, and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Here’s a shot of a 1968 BMW 2002ti, one of the first Beemers I lusted after in my misspent youth.

P1050368And here’s the only BMW I have ever owned. I’m glad they gave it a prominent slot in their motorcycle exhibition. It truly is a beautiful machine, even 17 years after I bought it.

P1050362Here’s Megan intently trying not to crash the virtual go-kart she’s driving at the museum.

P1050329She was not successful, but I was. I was the #1 driver on the list for a while at least!

P1050383The BMW Museum is an architectural masterpiece across the road from the site of the 1972 Olympics. I thought this was an interesting shot of the two of them.

And speaking of interesting shots, here’s one where the horse seems to be saying that he thinks those cute ear-socks are really stupid.

P1050178Well, I guess that’s enough for now. We’ll be back home tomorrow!

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1 Response to Our last night in Europe

  1. Ilse Holling says:

    Just got to read all this for the first time and find it fascinating and amusing . . . being an Austrian.

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