The end of an era

I marked the end of an era a few days ago when I slept in my Stonewater condo for the last time. I bought the place in late 2000, and have lived there longer than any other place. 402 J in Saskatoon is the runner-up at 12 years. 549 Schrader Farm Drive in St. Peters, MO lasted almost 10. No other place has even come close.

I went through a lot of life changes in Fremont. When I moved in I was still working, but I quit a few months later, and have been mentally retired ever since. So living there came to represent my new post-work life. I learned to live life as a bachelor, had some grand times and had my heart broken a few times. I went to UW full time for three years, and for the second time in 35 years, I dropped out of university without a degree. I enjoyed the three years that daughter Caroline lived with me while she finished her Masters and started teaching. I traveled quite a lot, and always had my place in Fremont to welcome me back. Angus the Airedale died there, and Farley the Perrier has known no other home.

I met future-wife Megan while living there, and eventually we married and started our life together there. So now we’re in Magnolia, not too far away, but a world away in many ways. Just as Fremont was the World of Walter, Magnolia will become the World of Walter and Megan.

Fremont was pretty good to me, but with Megan at my side, Magnolia will be even better.

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2 Responses to The end of an era

  1. Brad says:

    nice…..stay happy, chappie.

  2. Ilse Holling says:

    Sounds like Magnolia is the place for you!

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