The views from our windows

I haven’t written much about our new place because we’ve been outrageously busy, and I haven’t felt the urge – until now.  And besides, we’ve got most of the boxes emptied out now, so we’re not playing dodge-the-box every time we move around.

This place is very different than Fremont. I loved Fremont for it’s vitality, but one thing that always annoyed me about the condo was the lack of natural light, especially on the main floor. We don’t have that issue here, even on a typical overcast and gloomy Seattle morning.

P1050412This is the view from the dining area through the living room.

P1050410This is the view from the kitchen window above the sink. We’re looking southwest, so we get a lot of afternoon and early evening sun (assuming the sun is shining in Seattle). I love not having to turn on the lights every time I go into the kitchen.

P1050407From our bedroom window, looking more or less east, we have a good view of the locks, and best of all, a heron rookery not far away. You can see a few of the many nests in the trees, where dozens of herons raise their young.

P1050409Looking to the northwest, past the BNSF railway bridge, we see Shilshole Bay and Puget Sound.

The house itself is perhaps best described as quirky and in need of renovation, but it has good bones. We’ve already done a few things already (I’m good at knocking down walls), and the place is quite livable, but we’re a long way from making this house the showplace it could be. I’ll keep you posted.

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3 Responses to The views from our windows

  1. john Tansley says:

    So when I come into Seattle by train I cross that bridge?

  2. farleydoodle says:

    The train usually travels fairly slowly across the bridge. You could jump off in our back yard!

  3. captnmike says:

    Nice view – good luck with the upgrades

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