A pox on both their houses

I’m up at the cabin, and have successfully installed another batch of soon-to-be beer in the fermenter. I’m pretty much done with the cleanup and had a bite to eat, and thought that maybe it was time for a political rant. I haven’t done one of them for a while. What inspired me was this clip in which Danielle Martin, a Canadian physician and health policy professor takes on Richard Burr, a Republican senator from North Carolina. The whole thing is about 18 minutes long, but you can see their exchange starting around 4:20.

But it’s like talking science to a young earth Christian. Facts don’t matter.

I guess that’s one reason I’m getting tired of the political debate. Lots of heat, but no light. In so many ways, there is no difference between Republicans and Democrats. They are both entirely in the pockets of the banks and Wall Street, the medical/pharma-industrial establishment, the military/security-industrial establishment, the oil-industrial establishment, the ordinary industrial establishment, and of course, most of the media. They might have differences on social and cultural issues, but on the big issues like war, civil liberties, health, the environment, and income disparity, there isn’t really a whiff of distance between them.

I actually thought Obama would be different, but he too has failed. He hasn’t prosecuted a single Wall Street warrior or a single Bush-era war criminal. He could have done those two things without any permission from the GOP. Yes, he did pass a half-assed health insurance plan, but he hasn’t bothered trying to sell it.  The Republicans have stymied just about every other initiative he had. I think he tried to get along for a while, but when that didn’t work, he just gave up. 

The Republicans are even worse. They live in a constant state of fear. They fear nonwhites in general, but especially brown people who kneel toward Mecca when they pray. They fear homosexuals, especially those who want to get married. They fear women, both for their sexuality and their desire to have control over their own bodies. They fear science and facts. They fear Russians and Chinese, but especially Mexicans. They fear the possibility of someone getting something for nothing, whether it’s food stamps or an affirmative action entry to college. They fear the government might take away their guns. The list of their fears could go on and on, but it’s too depressing.

Maybe at some point, I’ll enjoy the debate again, and write more self-righteous rants about what ass-hat idiots the Republicans. There’s nothing more invigorating than knowing you’re right and your opponents are fools. But for now, most of my posts will be about beer and babies.

I’ll continue to vote Democrat most of the time, but in the end it really doesn’t much matter, and what I say will make no difference. A pox on both their houses.




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