A morning walk

P1050431The weather here has been gorgeous lately, making my morning walks with Farley even more enjoyable. We walk across the locks every morning into Ballard and then back again.P1050446This is the view of the BSNF railway bridge from the locks.

But what makes the walks really cool is the heron rookery that we walk under every day. (So far we haven’t been bombed.) I’ve heard estimates of up to 80 herons that nest here every year from March through May, and it’s quite a sight. We’re used to seeing herons as shore birds, wading through shallow water looking for something to each. Until we moved here, I had always assumed they had their nests on the ground. Not so. Their nests are high up in the trees. Here are a couple of shots I took this morning.P1050451P1050453I haven’t seen any baby herons yet, but I can hear them squawking for food. I’m looking forward to watching their first attempts to fly.

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