Home Improvements

The list of improvements available for this 70’s vintage house is endless, but thinking about them won’t make it happen, so I do one at a time as time, temperament, and finances allow.

The previous owners had done a half-assed renovation and removed a stackable washer/dryer unit from the main floor powder room when they built a utility room on the ground floor. But they neglected to take out the water faucets, dryer vent and power plug from the powder room, leaving all of the hookups in this odd closet-like thing in the powder room. The back wall of that closet-like thing was beside another closet-like thing in the kitchen. I put shelves in the thing in the kitchen for pots and pans, but we still didn’t have room for a pantry. I got the bright idea of removing all the hookups from the powder room closet, closing the wall on the powder room side, and opening it on the kitchen side. I installed shelves and closet doors, and voila! A pantry side by side with all the cooking stuff. In case my explanation of what I did doesn’t make much sense, here are a few pictures.

P1050476This one is looking through from the powder room into the kitchen after the back end of the closet was removed. The hole in the drywall on the right is where the washer/dryer hookups were.P1050486Here’s the view from the kitchen side after closing in the powder room side.P1050492This is what it looks like now.P1050491It was quite a trick building the door frames and hanging the doors and getting everything level and square. It’s one of the many things I knew how to do in theory, but need more practice to get it right in practice. But it’s all functional, looks OK, and I didn’t lose much blood in the process. I still have final drywall finishing and painting to do, but I think I’ll leave that until we figure out what we’re doing with the rest of the kitchen. We did break down and buy a new stove today. The old one was a piece of crap when it was new in the 70’s and didn’t improve with age.

And since I don’t have any fresh Baby Elina photos, one of a heron will have to do.P1050482

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