The two Megans and I went to The Tractor last night to see Eilen Jewell. I hadn’t seen live music for many months, and I don’t think I’d been to The Tractor since the last time Eilen was in town. As usual, they put on a good show, with Eilen’s sultry voice and the amazing guitar work of Jerry G. Miller. I took a video of them doing Shakin’ All Over, but the quality was pretty crappy, and I couldn’t figure out how to load the thing on to WordPress. So, for your viewing and listening pleasure, here’s High Shelf Booze via YouTube:

Eilen seemed a bit different at the start of the show, but I couldn’t quite figure out what it was. After a few songs, when I returned from a bathroom break, I immediately saw the reason for the difference. She had unstrapped herself from her guitar, revealing a giant baby belly! Like eight months + pregnant! If she was a guy, I’d say it takes some balls to get up on stage and perform in that state. I don’t know what the female equivalent is, but whatever it is, she’s got it. I hope it all turns out well for her and her baby.

I’ll go to see her perform any time she’s in the area, and I highly recommend you do the same.

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