Rodrigo y Gabriela

As I noted in my last post, I haven’t seen much live music lately, so it was more than a bit unusual to go to another live performance yesterday just a few days after seeing Eilen Jewell at The Tractor. This time it was to see Rodrigo y Gabriela at The Paramount. And what a show it was!

I’ve been following them ever since I first heard them in a Latin Guitar mix on Pandora a few years ago. I was blown away then, and I still am. Here’s a little taste from a few years ago:

Last summer Megan and I saw them at an outdoor concert at the Chateau Ste. Michelle winery. The outdoor venue, nice as it was, didn’t allow them to have much of a stage production. Last night at The Paramount, they pulled out all the stops with lights, lasers, strobes, videos, live cameras and even fog. At first I was a bit annoyed. As a grumpy old man in training, I went there for the music, not for the hi-tech glitz. Some of effects were 60’s-ish psychedelia and some were social statements, but they were well done and didn’t intrude too badly on the music. The best part was that both Rodrigo and Gabriela had tiny video cameras mounted on the heads of their guitars, and these images looking down the necks of the guitars were projected on the backdrop of the stage. I had never seen virtuoso guitar playing from that perspective before.

And the crowd was a bit annoying as well. I don’t know why crowds insist on clapping along with a familiar tune. Yeah, it’s nice to get into the music, but the musicians are far better at keeping time than a few thousand rhythm-challenged fans. I always heaved a bit of a sigh of relief when the clapping petered out part way through a song. Between songs, there were always people yelling out requests for their favorite songs. And yes, I even heard someone request Free Bird. Oh well, that’s a live concert. And then, half-way through the concert, people were standing up more and more, in spite of the fact that the theater-style seats were perfectly comfortable. But by the end of the concert, I was standing and hooting and hollering and clapping with the best of them.

It was a GREAT show!

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1 Response to Rodrigo y Gabriela

  1. KTO says:

    wow – they are fantastic. Thanks for the lead.

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