Saskatoons at Peshastin?

Holy cow! I’ve been really lax with blogging lately, and then I feel inspired to do TWO in one day!

Megan took me to Peshastin Pinnacles today to take a short hike and look at the rock faces. She has some plans of making a rock climber out of me, and I guess that’s only fair since I’m doing my best to make a sailor out of her.

Anyway, here’s one view from the Peshastins.

peshastinThere are lots of different faces of varying difficulty – some already bolted for sport climbing, and others where you’d have to lay down your own protective devices. It looks interesting, and I think we’ll give it a shot on one of the easy routes if we come out here again next weekend.

But the most interesting thing to me were all these berry bushes lining the trails. There were literally thousands (OK, hundreds) of them.

SaskatoonsIf we do come back here next weekend, I’ll be sure to bring a pail to pick some of these Saskatoon berries. They should be perfect by then. Megan has promised to use her pastry expertise and make me a Saskatoon berry pie, just like Mom used to make back in the Old Country.


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1 Response to Saskatoons at Peshastin?

  1. sdukovac says:

    Nice! Gotta love those Saskatoon.

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