Due to unexpected technical difficulties…

We left Seattle by boat yesterday as planned, but turned around an hour and a half later due to technical difficulties. No, it wasn’t the boat. Rinpoche is fine. It was these little buggers –stonesFor a size reference, I put a penny in the cup with a filter in the bottom. The gravelly-looking things are kidney stones. You may have heard stories about how painful it is to pass these things – they are all true! Women with their childbirth horror stories have nothing on me! It’s hard to believe those little things put me in here for a few hours last night –erA little morphine killed the pain, and drinking a lot of water flushed those little bastards out this morning.

So now I’m back to normal, but just to be sure, we’ll wait until tomorrow to try again on our northern boating adventure.

With a bit of luck, the bill for all this will disappear into the ozone while we’re gone. I hate to think what a few hours in ER and a CT scan will cost with my super-duper high-deductible catastrophic insurance plan.

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1 Response to Due to unexpected technical difficulties…

  1. Brad says:

    weren’t you tempted to continue on and use your Canuck plan?

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