Technical difficulties, Part II

Health-wise, I’m fine and back to “normal” or whatever passes for normal these days.

The technical difficulties are with Rinpoche. Faithful readers may recall the fuel and head issues I had on last year’s trip north. Those problems have long since been solved, but new ones have popped up to take their place. And I guess that Murphy’s Laws extend to boats as well, with a minor modification. Anything that can go wrong, will. Especially if you’re on an extended trip.

This time it’s the navigation system. It appears that my heading sensor has either died or lost its mind. The chart plotter works, the radar works, and I have course and heading arrows, but none of it works together. The plotter charts function, but the orientation is not correct. The radar radars, but it doesn’t overlay on the chart. The heading and course vectors are all over the map. As a result, it’s hard figure out exactly where I am, and the auto pilot will either have me spinning in circles or send the boat 90 degrees or more off course. That means hand steering all the way, which on a rainy day like today is more than a bit annoying. Thank goodness my old-fashioned compass works.

We’re in Roche Harbor right now, the scene of the fuel issues of last year. I called Raymarine in New Hampshire yesterday for support, but they limit hold times to 20 minutes and then ask for a number to call back on. They promise a return call within 12 business hours. Great. It’s like calling Comcast. Why are all these help lines the same? Are all tech companies evil? I called the local marine service shop here, and even though he was friendly enough, he didn’t have anyone who could troubleshoot the problem with me. He did give me the name of a company in Sidney, BC, about 10 miles from here. I talked to someone there, and they do have the technology to figure this out. Today I’ll try to do an initial calibration (as if it were a new installation)  of the sensor. If that doesn’t work, we’ll head to Sydney and let the pros take care of it.

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1 Response to Technical difficulties, Part II

  1. Brad says:

    get out your protractor and paper charts. I’m sure you remember how to do all this manually!!

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