Pender Harbour

We’re here in Pender Harbour after a great sail from Nanaimo. I would post some pictures, but it seems that the pub internet we’re on doesn’t like downloading pictures. I’m not 100% sure that this post will download.

In any case, all is well, Technical difficulties are over with, for now at least. I’ll post more another time, but skippers out there – do you know where your heading sensor is? I was wrong about the location of mine, and that, and a can of spray lube, caused all my problems

We had a great time in Nanaimo, complete with fireworks. We thought that they were in honour (I’m spelling Canadian) of our arrival, but we found out they were really for the annual bathtub races. And then we had a great dinner and a great time with Ilsa and Buzz last night.

Tomorrow we’re off to Princess Louisa Inlet, and after that probably Desolation Sound. I’ll post more another time, complete with photos,  if we ever get a real internet connection.

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  1. Glad to hear you enjoyed your time in Nanaimo!

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