Pender Harbour, again

We’re back in Pender Harbour after a couple of days in Princess Louisa Inlet. It’s an amazing place, even without cell phones and internet.

Since I have my laptop, but unfortunately not my camera, I’ll post a few pictures from our earlier adventures.bathtubHere’s the Committee Tub for the bathtub races in Nanaimo. I didn’t get a good shot of an actual racer. They are very small with a bathtub-like thing on a planing hull. I think the maximum horsepower is 10, but the little things are pretty fast, and very unstable.

And this is what caused all my navigation difficulties.


As you may recall, my display seemed to have random orientation, making it difficult to figure out exactly where I was. That’s a can of spray lube on the shelf. The heading sensor (an electronic compass) is immediately beneath it in the closet. As the can rolled around, my heading would change, driving me nuts! With the can gone, and my system recalibrated, everything is fine.

All my pictures of PLI are on my camera, but here’s one I took on the way there. We had done our laundry in Egmont, but had to leave before it was fully dry in order to get to the Malibu Rapids at slack tide.

laundrySo Megan did her First Mately duty and pinned it all up on the lifelines. Most scenic clothesline ever!

We reprovisioned our larder and will be heading north to Desolation Sound either today or tomorrow. No schedule, no firm destination. Life is good!


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