Megan’s Birthday Party

We kicked off the summer this year with a party for me. We ended the summer with a party for Megan. This could become a tradition.

When I asked Megan how she wanted to celebrate her birthday, she said she’d like to have a dinner party. That sounded good to me. An intimate dinner for 8-10 people. When she said she wanted to seat 30-40, I thought she was kidding. She wasn’t. All it takes is some co-operative weather and the willingness to move furniture to unconventional locations. Here are the results.P1050698
I knew there was some reason we had a half-dozen complete sets of dishes tucked away.



P1050693A good time was had by all with prodigious consumption of Mexican food, Margaritas and of course, a keg of my home brew.

All good parties must come to an end. Here’s what the kitchen looked like last night.P1050700Great thanks to everyone for showing up on short notice to celebrate Megan’s special day. Like I said earlier, this may become a tradition.

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2 Responses to Megan’s Birthday Party

  1. Lynn says:

    Nice pictures! Wish I could have been there. Lynn

    Sent from my iPad


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