What a drag it is growing old…

I think I need some little yellow pills.

As some you may know (I’ve bitched and whined enough about it), I’ve had numbness and pain issues in my right foot for the last year and a half. I went to a podiatrist last year, and even though he was a nice enough guy, he didn’t have much to offer in terms of diagnosis or treatment. He gave me some pills and a foam insole, and that was about it. The acute pain went away, but the numbness persisted. I went to see him again, but he essentially said I’d have to learn to live with it.

So I did live with it for the last year, and it was OK until last week. Then the pain came back with a vengeance. So I tried to make an appointment with the original doc, but nothing was open until October 14th. Way too far away for my condition. So I called another doc yesterday and got an appointment today at 7AM. An appointment that early sucks, but since I was first in the door, there was no waiting. And the doc spent so much time with me that I’m sure his appointments are backed up for the rest of the day.

He did a few tests and took some x-rays (which the other doc never did), and talked to me a lot. At first, he thought it might have been gout (which would be a bad diagnosis because I’d probably have to cut back on beer consumption), but after I suggested tarsal tunnel syndrome and mentioned I had broken my right ankle in 2006, he did some more tests and started to agree with me. After he saw some bone spurs on my now-healed ankle, it only strengthened the idea. So he gave me some super-duper NSAIDs and this fancy new boot.

footbraceFarley is exhibiting his usual concern for me, or more likely wondering who’s going to walk him 3-4 times a day. I think wife-Megan may have to take up the slack.

So once the pain and inflammation subsides, I’m supposed to go see him again to see what we do next. Orthotics, physical therapy, and surgery are all possibilities.

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