I’m still alive and kicking

I didn’t fall off the face of the earth. I’ve been lazy about posting, but I did take a 10 day trip to the Old Country. As for the kicking part of the title, I’ve still got the big black contraption on my foot, but I’ve got an appointment with the podiatrist this morning. The nerve and muscle testing has all been done, so I hope the doc has an easy quick solution to my foot issues. Actually any solution would be good. This foot business is getting really annoying.

But back to the trip up North – I thought I’d share a few photos of things not often seen in the USA.

prairieAs much as I love the mountains and the water, the prairie boy in me can really appreciate scenes like this.

elevatorThe once ubiquitous grain elevators are disappearing, but a few are still standing.

And the wildlife –


I was hoping to get a picture of a moose, but this spectacular bull elk will have to do.

buffaloThese aren’t cattle. They’re buffalo. Yes, buffalo. Oddly enough, the buffalo here at Elk Island National Park (just outside of Edmonton) are descendants of American plains bison from Montana.

beaverAnd what montage of Canadian wildlife would be complete without that iconic Canadian symbol, the beaver! There are no beavers visible in this photo, but their lodges are.

It was a great trip to see family and friends, but as much as I like the prairie, it was good to get back to more familiar terrain.


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1 Response to I’m still alive and kicking

  1. Brad says:

    good highway picture!

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