White Trash Princess

Isn’t she precious?


Well yes and no. She is a lover and a cuddler, and she’s very smart. You could call her a princess! But she’s also devious. She does things she knows she’s not supposed to do, but she does them anyway. So we put up various barriers to help her modify her bad behavior. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. We watch her body language carefully and I built her a dog run, so she no longer pees on the floor. (At least she hasn’t had an “accident” for almost a week now.) She’s getting used to lots of walks, and hasn’t pooped on the floor for several weeks.

But one habit we haven’t been able to help her with is her love of garbage. She discovered she could open the under-sink cabinet door, knock over the garbage can, and PARTY!! So I put child-proof catches on the cabinet, but she figured out a way around that. There was enough room between the latched door and the cabinet for her to get her paw through, snag the edge of the garbage bag, and pull it out in shreds on to the floor. OK, we’ll drag a chair over to block the cabinet door. No problem, she thinks, and moves the chair and gets in the other side of the cabinet, knocks over the dishwasher detergent bottle, and drags out the garbage.

This is the result –


So now I installed a couple of cabinet knobs and have rubber-banded the doors together. Let’s see how she gets around this one.

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