Gun Control, once again

Is there anything, any statistic, any event that could conceivably change the stance of a gun advocate (nut) on the issue of gun control? Sandy Hook didn’t do it, nor did Columbine, the Aurora theater shootings, or any of the other mass shootings. (These guys were insane; no gun laws could have stopped them; they could have been stopped had the victims been armed, etc., etc.) Statistics showing the correlation between gun ownership and firearm death rates in developed nations don’t move the needle. (Other developed nations don’t have the same big, barely civilized violent underclass that the USA has.) Appeals to the words of Second Amendment (what well-regulated militia do you belong to?) have no effect.

Because the “Freedom to Bear Arms” is a near-religious belief based on nothing more than gut feel (how can you argue against what you feel in your gut?), I doubt that I’ll ever change any minds. But I did recently find some interesting statistics about gun control and firearm death rates in those famous laboratories of democracy, the States of the United States.

So here I go again:

According to the Kaiser Institute, the USA firearm death rate is 10.4/100,000. That same website  shows the firearm death rates in each of the States.

The Brady Campaign, as reported by the Deseret News, ranks states according to the strictness of their gun laws. The ten strictest are here. The ten loosest States are here.

According to gun enthusiasts (nuts), more guns should make us safer. Let’s see.

The least restrictive gun control States are Utah (12.6), Alaska (19.8), Arizona (14.1), Oklahoma (16.5), and North Dakota (11.8). The firearm death rates are in brackets.

The tightest gun laws are in California (7.7), New Jersey (5.7),  Massachusetts (3.1), New York (4.2), and Connecticut (4.4). Once again, firearm death rates are in brackets.

Remember, the overall USA firearm death rate is 10.4. All of the lax gun law states are well above the national average. All of the tight gun law states are well below the average.

Tell me again how more guns and lax laws save lives.

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