Farley’s Gone

P1050577 (1)Last night in the street in front of our house, Farley was hit by a car. After being hit, he was still breathing and alert, so we rushed him to a 24 Hour veterinary hospital. X-rays soon revealed that his spine was fractured. The damage was severe and life-threatening. Our options were to take him to a vet hospital with a neurologist for further assessment, or have him put down. We were leaning toward having a neurologist take a look at him, but during the discussion he went into respiratory distress, and we made the heart-breaking decision to euthanize him.

Farley was born on Boxing Day of 2007. I wasn’t sure I’d ever replace Angus the Airedale after he died in the summer of 2006, but a year and a half later I was ready to start looking around. I liked Airedales, but Angus was a 75-pounder, which was a bit too big for me. I like Wheaten Terriers and they were about the right size, but Angus’ old vet told me they had lots of  congenital health issues. I liked the look of Labradoodles, but I was too cheap to spend $2500. So when I found Farley’s breeder on the internet, the description of the dogs she was breeding from a Wheaten Terrier father and a poodle mother sounded perfect. A non-shedding curly coat, males weighing around 50 pounds, and a touch of that terrier attitude. Add the fact that the breeder was in my home town of Saskatoon, and it seemed like a cosmic sign to me. So I made the commitment to get him after he was weaned. “F” was up next up in my alphabetical string of dog names. I chose Fred. But things were just starting to get interesting with Megan and me, so I brought her into the process. She didn’t like the name Fred. She ran through a whole lot of “F” names, and when she hit Farley, I knew immediately that was it. Farley (as in Mowat) from Saskatoon. Perfect!

Megan and I went skiing in Romania that February, and when we came back we were more than the good friends we had been for the previous year and a half. I left immediately for Saskatoon to fetch Farley. Megan and Farley and I have been together as a unit ever since. Now that trivalent bond is forever broken.

Farley was a furry ball of love from the beginning. He loved people and dogs and wasn’t afraid to show it. For those of you who met him, you know that he was often a bit over the top in his greetings. Though I tried, I never managed to train that exuberance out of him. I finally just gave up and let Farley be Farley. He wanted to play with every other dog he ever met, and never got aggressive even when they returned his enthusiasm with a growl or a snarl. He loved nothing more than running at full speed with grace and elegance and sheer joy.

Farley was a worthy successor to the other fabulous dogs I’ve had over the years. He was a great dog in his own right. He might have been the best ever, and will be sorely missed by me and Megan and anyone else whoever knew him.

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5 Responses to Farley’s Gone

  1. rita says:

    I’m crying reading this. We worry about my daughter’s dog constantly..a Cavalier king Charles spaniel. They say they will never learn to be street smart. They love other dogs and people…and will run like the dickens given the chance. So sorry for your loss.

  2. Brad says:

    Such sad, sad news. I know your heart is broken. I’ll miss Farley, too — my boating bunk mate!! Such a sweet guy.

  3. John says:

    So sorry, he was a good dog, and a fellow Saskatonian.

  4. Mary says:

    What a wonderful tribute – I did not know he was from Saskatoon! Such a sweet loving dog – he will be missed by all. I Love you both just breaks my heart. xoxo

  5. Niki Constantin says:

    Uncle Walter,

    Sorry to hear the sad news! It is never an easy decision to euthanize a pet, but they are lucky that we at least have that option (if only for humans too!) I don’t think I ever cried as hard as the day we put down out little Pearl! It just gives me comfort to know that they are no longer suffering. I hope one day you’ll be ready and able to find another little companion to spoil rotten. They always give back ten times they love we give to them!

    Rest in peace Farley!

    Our condolences and hugs!
    Niki, Remi, Kiri & Erin

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