Class Warfare

This guy has class:

This guy has none:

Jimmy Carter exhibits a grace that few achieve. The Republicans, all of whom profess a deep and profound faith could take a few lessons from Jimmy, the Sunday school teacher.

I’ve never understood why Carter is so reviled in America. Even a lot of Democrats don’t have much good to say about the guy. He was President during an extremely difficult time in the USA. The Vietnam War had just ended a couple of years before, Watergate and Nixon’s resignation were still fresh, and disco really did suck. He had no control over the really nasty stuff that happened on his watch. The 1973 oil crisis happened before his time and the resulting stagflation was beyond any President’s quick fix. He didn’t cause the 1979 Iranian Revolution or the hostage crisis. He did help the cause of peace by bringing Anwar Sadat and Menachim Begin together at Camp David. That peace endures to this day. And no one gives him credit for hiring Paul Volcker as Fed chairman. It took Volker years to bring inflation under control, but St. Ronnie gets all the credit. Another thing he should get credit for is that no American servicemen died in combat under his watch.

The other guy – he’s just a narcissistic, bullying asshole. A very rich one, but still an asshole.

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1 Response to Class Warfare

  1. rita gibbons says:

    Thanks for sharing Walter.  My sister quit work to help him be elected president for two years.  I met him of the most charismatic persons I ever hope to meet.  Glad you shared this story.  He will go down in history as one of the best…intellectually, spiritual, inspirational person ever….

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