I don’t know what to make of the Presidential race

The Republicans are putting on a pretty good clown show with Trump driving all the candidates to the lunatic fringe. By the time it’s all said and done, they’ll have alienated every voter group except angry white males. That’s no way to win an election.

On the Democratic side, Bernie is giving Hillary fits. I like Bernie and what he stands for, but it’s hard to imagine the US electorate electing a self-declared socialist as President. Socialists are communists, don’t you know?

That leaves Hillary as the standard bearer. I don’t like Hillary and never have. She is representative of what’s wrong in American politics. She is smart and shrewd, but she is the ultimate insider and will do whatever is politically expedient. She’s just like Bill, but without the charm. But if she is the Democratic nominee, I will hold my nose and vote for her.

I’m not sure she’s a shoo-in for the nomination. I don’t think Bernie can beat her in a straight up race, but if he does it will be because she implodes in a yet-unnamed scandal. I’m not talking about her server problems or Benghazi. Neither of those “scandals” have any legs. I think what could bring her down is a major financial scandal involving the Clinton Foundation, or a bimbo eruption involving Bill. Does anyone really believe that Slick Willy has kept it in his pants all these years?

The Democrats really need a Plan B. The rumors of Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren getting together make me think I’m not the only one thinking this way.

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1 Response to I don’t know what to make of the Presidential race

  1. captnmike says:

    The insiders are in full panic mode over Bernie, everyone says he can’t win – but seems to me a lot of people have lost money betting against Bernie. You have a better opinion of Hillery than I do.

    The problem is that when people hear what Bernie says they start to like what he has stood for over many years – Hillery does a good job stealing his lines, sort like a parrot.

    Being her turn & the favorite of the insiders is not much of a resume seems to me. The GOP wants to run against Hillery – they think they have a chance – but they are starting to panic over Bernie from the little I can see in the blacked out media that is trying to shut down Bernie

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