Miscellaneous Ramblimgs

I haven’t brewed beer in ages, and now that things have cooled off a bit, I decided to come up to the cabin for a couple of days and brew a batch. I’ve been drinking commercial beer for the last couple of months, but it hasn’t been all bad. Fremont breweries Summer Ale is a fabulous beer that I will try to reproduce at some point.

This is what greeted me shortly after I arrived.


And no, it’s not a blowtorch from god punishing me for past blasphemies. At least I don’t think so.

The home renovations are ongoing, but I have to admit living in dust and debris is getting old. Things will start to accelerate next week now that the new walls are up and the new garage door will be installed on Monday. The last thing we did yesterday was to do a rough leveling on the floor with pre-mix concrete. We’ll do the final surface with an acid-stained leveling compound. If we don’t like the finished floor, at least we’ll have a good level surface that we can install tile or stone or whatever.


The floor was an uneven mess after the half-assed renovation done in the 70’s. It was an even worse mess after we removed a couple of stem walls and some old tiles and grout.

And of course, Nikki had to leave her mark.


Sweet little thing! We’ll be sure to hog-tie her when do the finished floor.

Speaking of hogs, I think she may have an upset stomach tonight. I stopped on the way here to pick up a few groceries, leaving her in the truck alone for ten minutes. By the time I got back, she had dug into the bottom of a bag I thought I had safely tucked under the dash behind another bag. I was wrong. She  moved everything aside, got into it, and scarfed down a pound of bacon in no time. She was still guiltily licking the container when I got back. No dinner for her tonight!

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