Ramblings from the Winter Wonderland


Yes indeed, there is snow up here! I came here yesterday to take care of a couple of batches of beer, maybe do some snowmobiling, and just hang out here until the weekend when Megan and a whole lot of folks are coming out here to celebrate Fred’s 93rd.

I did listen to the State of the Union speech last night, and thought it was pretty good overall. Even Nikki Haley’s response was pretty good, considering the company she keeps. I’m one of those Obama fans who love and admire the guy even though I’ve been disappointed in stuff he didn’t do (prosecute the Bush gang for war crimes or anybody on Wall Street for almost destroying the world economy), and stuff he did do (NSA surveillance and drone strikes). In any case, I think he will go down in history as at least a near-great President for the things he accomplished – stopping the collapse of the economy, Obamacare, Iran nuclear deal, and world climate change agreement. Those accomplishments are even more amazing given the universal opposition and obstruction he got from the opposition.

I do wonder how this election cycle is going to play out. I’m a Bernie Sanders fan and am beginning to think that he can indeed beat Hillary. Bernie is the definition of authenticity, and Hillary is the ultimate insider. Bernie has an army of enthusiastic supporters. Hillary’s support is a mile wide and an inch deep. I think Hillary will ultimately collapse under the steady drips of the email “scandal,” impropriety with the Clinton foundation, or quite possibly a Bill bimbo eruption.

The GOP nomination is a tough call. Trump seems almost unstoppable, and it’s hard to imagine what he could do to implode. In many ways, I hope he doesn’t implode because a.) I think he’s the easiest to beat in the general election, and b.) he’s less dangerous than the truly evil Ted Cruz. As for the establishment candidates, I still think Rubio comes across as an immature lightweight, and Christie is another loud-mouthed bully. I mentioned him before, but I think the only truly viable mainstream GOP candidate is John Kasich.

Right now, I’ll call a Sanders/Trump match-up, with Bernie as the ultimate winner. A lot of the Trump supporters aren’t traditional Republicans, and if they come to their senses, they’ll realize that Bernie is on their side.

The real wild card is Michael Bloomberg. If it is a Sanders/Trump race, I can see how he could see a path to a successful third party candidacy. He would certainly beat Trump, but he could siphon off enough Bernie supporters who are uncomfortable with a “socialist” to win. If it’s a three-way race, all bets are off.


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