I’m Back!!


Rainer and I are back from our excellent round Vancouver Island adventure. And I’m back to blogging for a little while at least. I’ll post pictures and stories from our trip over the next week or two, and then if the spirit moves me, I may throw in my two cents worth of political commentary.

But back to the trip. Here are a few of the basic statistics –

  • Total distance traveled    959.2 nautical miles
  • Total engine hours            128.9
  • Miles motoring                  644
  • Miles sailing                        315
  • Gallons of diesel used      152
  • Nights at anchor                 23
  • Nights in marinas                6
  • Books read (by me)              5-1/2
  • Movies watched                    3 -The Godfather, Lonesome Dove, and Dumb and Dumber
  • Beer consumed                 232 cans or so. I lost track after a dozen dozen.
  • bottles of wine                      3
  • Bottles of liquor                    2-1/2
  • Mosquitoes slain                  dozens, mostly by Rainer the bug-hater

All-in-all, it was a great trip. Very little blood was shed, and nothing major except the outboard motor broke.

The weather did not set into its usual summer patterns with winds from the northwest. In fact for most of the time we were gone, summer seemed not to have arrived at all. It was cold and cloudy and drizzly for days and days at a time. We had winds from everywhere, but usually the wind was too strong or too weak or right on the nose, or right on our butt. We had some excellent sailing, though not enough of it to suit our tastes. Rinpoche performed very well and never let us down. The gennaker on the other hand, did give us lots of trouble. After about the third time she defeated us by breaking tack lines or wrapping herself ever-so-tightly around the forestay, or snarling the snuffer lines, or all of the above, we were ready to admit defeat. But we persevered and tried her once again a few days later. This time we tamed her, and other than a couple of minor tantrums, she has remained tamed. I think we finally learned her secrets, which is a good thing, because when she’s flying, she’s beautiful and adds at least a couple of knots to our boat speed.

We saw lots of the usual critters, gray whales, humpback whales, killer whales, porpoises, sea otters and even a bear. And yes, I did take the picture at the start of this post.

There will be more to come, so stay tuned.

Ps. As usual, there was trouble linking this post to Facebook. With some luck re-posting will work.

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