Winter Harbour to Walter’s Cove

Yes, the spelling of Harbour is correct, and yes indeed, there is a Walter’s Cove! How could we not stop there?

After rounding Cape Scott, the next major obstacle was Brooks Penninsula. That’s the big rectangle jutting out from the coast. This area is notorious for high winds and rough seas. As was becoming usual, the weather was not cooperating, with better weather always a day or two away. So we hung out in the Winter Harbour area for two nights before deciding to go for it.


But Brooks lived up to its notoriety with high winds and rough seas. We got part-way there, and then backed off and anchored near Anchorage Island for the night. We had a bulletproof anchorage for night, and needed it. Winds hit 30 knots even in this enclosed bay.


The next morning looked pretty good, so we went for it again. This time the wind and waves (or at least the waves) cooperated, as we motored around the peninsula, and even got pretty close to Solander Island. This island is like something out of National Geographic, with hundreds of sea lions and zillions of seabirds. Unfortunately, I didn’t get any National Geographic quality shots, so you’ll have to live with this one.


Unbelievable as it seems, I didn’t get any photos of Walter’s Cove. It’s a sleepy little coastal town, without cell service, grocery stores, fuel, and worst of all, no booze. Many of the coastal towns are dry by local vote due to the high incidence of alcohol abuse. There is one small sport fishing lodge, but not a whole lot else. There were several commercial vessels there that I assumed were fishing boats. I was wrong. They were after geoducks (pronounced goo-ee-ducks), using a method that surprised me. The “fishermen” dove for the clams while using hookah systems to breath. They used high-pressure water hoses to flush the clams out of the muck. Is that the way they harvest them in the Puget Sound?

At this point, we’re roughly half done with our adventure, so there’s lots more to come. Stay tuned.

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