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I want all my friends and Facebook friends and even not-so-friendly friends to share this post. As treasurer of the Heron Habitat Helpers (HHH) here in Magnolia, we’re having a big party tomorrow in Commodore Park and later at the Urban Family Brewery. I invite you all to come.

As well as having a good time, we want to raise money for interpretive signs and a solar powered web-streaming heron camera. How cool would that be?


Commodore Park is a popular place. Thousands of people go there every year to watch the boats go through the Locks, wander around through the Carl S. English Botanical Gardens, and watch the salmon fight their way up the fish ladders. But I suspect there are a lot of people who go there have no idea there is a major heronry right there. At this time of the year there are dozens of herons in their nests raising their newly hatched chicks. We want to install signs at the locks and near the nests so that people know what’s going on above them. We want to install a solar-powered web-streaming heron camera so that we can watch the herons court and mate (yes, that is kinky porn!), lay their eggs, watch the chicks hatch, and watch the chicks learn to fly.

We’re trying to raise $20,000 for this effort, roughly half for the signs and half for the camera.

Go to this site to donate. It is a link to the Associated Recreation Council (ARC) which is the Seattle Parks and Recreation umbrella organization for non-profit and advisory committees such as HHH. Don’t worry, after a 3% fee to ARC for handling the money, all your donations will go to HHH, are tax deductible, and your employer can match those donations if your company offers that option.

And if you’re worried that I’m going to take the funds and disappear to the South Pacific, have no fear. It is harder to embezzle funds from HHH and ARC than I thought when I took this job.

Don’t forget to share this post. I have a couple hundred Facebook friends, and if some significant fraction of those friends chips in $5 or $10 or $20 and re-posts this bleg and some portion of their friends give $5 or $10 or whatever, before you know it, we’ll be successful.

What if we don’t raise all of the money? We’ll spend whatever we raise on signs, our on-going conservation and habitat restoration efforts and try and save some for a camera.

What if we raise more? We’ll use that money for our usual efforts and for the maintenance costs of the systems we install.

For more information about HHH, check out our website at

(If we can figure out how to do it, we’re going to put up a fund raiser thermometer on the site to let you know how much we’ve raised.)

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